We specialise in an array of different concrete flooring including:

warehouse floor

Industrial floor slabs

Industrial floor slabs- from your standard lay and finish to your design and fit of FM2 floors with dry shake hardeners. This includes the forming of all expansion joints, construction joints and steel works. Jointless floors are also an option, these don’t require saw cutting, therefore, we can lay up to 1000m2 and are perfect for industrial warehouses.

External slabs

Designed and laid to the specific requirement of the customer, set up in bays and usually brush finish hence perfect for commercial or private areas.


Private house floors

We lay internal concrete floors inside private homes and commercial properties, where underfloor heating is required as concrete, is a highly durable substance and is an excellent convector of heat, these floors can be left with a brushed finish for tiles or power floated smoothly for polishing

Exposed Aggregate

DMG FLOORING CONTRACTS Exposed Aggregate is a decorative concrete finish achieved by removing the top layer of the cement paste to uncover the aggregate material beneath. With the many types and sizes of decorative aggregate and colourings for concrete available, you can now achieve unlimited colour and texture variations.


Our Equipment

  • 8 Power Floats

  • Latest Laser Equipment

  • Putzmiester Screed Pump

  • Vans

  • Trailers & Many More

Specialising in an array of different sand cement screed flooring

cement mixing

Traditional sand cement screed

This type of flooring is made up of 4 parts sand and 1 part cement, leaving a dry mixture that is laid flat to receive floor coverings


Mapei 704

This is an early drying type of screed that can receive floor coverings within a 14 day period.


Mapei Topcem

Mapei Topcem- this is a binder that sets within hours, you can lay floor coverings just 24 hours after installation.

underfloor heating

Fibre mesh

Added to all screed floors where underfloor heating is installed to prevent the floor from cracking and shrinking

Professional Concrete Flooring

if you are in need of specialist concrete flooring for your business don't hesitate to call the experts at DMG Flooring Contracts LTD on 07850 767 352